Green Data Centers

Data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components...

Energy Savings

Data centers constitute a large and growing sector of energy use. By one estimate and the sector is increasing energy use by about 1 percent each year. Inefficiencies in the power and cooling systems of the data center infrastructure often give data center owners and operators significant opportunities for energy-efficiency measures. Taking advantage of such opportunities typically is very cost-effective, reducing the operating costs, and can also improve data center reliability

Managing and assessing energy performance requires the use of established data center energy performance metrics, and metering is needed to provide the data for such metrics. It helps organizations identify abnormally low- or high-energy usage and potential causes, supporting such practices as peak-shaving. It also facilitates capacity planning around space and power utilization and helps with carbon accounting and greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting. It allows organizations to quantitatively assess data center performance and to benchmark it across a level playing field. Benchmarking evaluates the organization’s position relative to the rest of the market (cross-sectional benchmarking) or over time in one data center (longitudinal benchmarking.

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