Precision Sheet Metals

When you design your enclosure from scratch, knowing
the basics is important...

Fabrication Tolerances

APW takes great care to fabricate as accurately as possible. However, a certain level of dimensional variation is inherent in the processes that we use. Tolerances for these dimensional variations

CAD drawings specify dimensions of metal only. Allow up to 0.003" (0.08mm) for Powder coating thickness where required. (Example: when mounting a component that requires a 1" diameter hole, be sure to call out a 1.006" hole diameter. This will allow for 0.003" of powdercoat per side. Tolerance on variation of size and position of cutouts and profiles is ±0.005" (0.125mm). Bend length tolerance is ±0.010" (0.25mm) per bend for controlled dimension. Uncontrolled dimensions are subject to stacking of tolerances. Bend angle tolerance is ±1 degrees. Welding can cause dimensional variation and warpage. Tolerances are dependent on the exact nature of the parts and welds. Please be sure to discuss any important tolerances with APW technical staff when specifying welding

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